Digging out old treasures

I think it's important when you're making crafts, to think about whether or not they are actually useful to you. I have made my fair share of things I know I would never use. I guess I did it to prove to myself I could be a crafty person? I don't know! Then there are crafts I made that I know I would love for years to come...or as long as they would last.  Yesterday, I pulled out an old wreath that I made last year during this time. I made it using scrap booking paper, old buttons and a twiggy wreath.  My husband packed it away nicely and it looks wonderful back on our door! Wreaths are my favorite during this season, it instantly makes things feel more festive! I may try to create a new wreath for the back door or one in our home, but I am still quite content with the one I have now! 


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