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Fresh loaf ready to eat
I am so THANKFUL for this weather we've been having lately. It's been chilly and rainy which is the perfect combo for fall. Well, for me anyway! Yesterday we turned on our heat for the first time in over a year, I instantly felt cozy and comforted. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cooler temperatures and over the crazy summer heat. 

This morning there was a chill in the air again. Our house was a bit crisp, so I decided to do some baking. This instantly heats up the kitchen (mainly because our stove is ancient) and eventually spreads throughout the house. I decided to whip up something delicious, but came to the realization I was out of a lot of baking ingredients. Not cool. I opened my pantry and found my emergency Betty Crocker's carrot cake mix and was so happy to see it! It may not be fresh, but it can be doctored in such a way you would never know. I like to add bananas to this recipe because it gives the cake a super moist, homemade texture and taste. It's this easy:

Buy a box of Betty Crocker's Carrot Cake mix
Follow instructions on the box
Add 3 bananas (two mashed and 1 diced) 
Split between two loaf pans and bake according to directions

So moist, perfect if you pair it
with a fresh cup of coffee 

This loaf is done in no time and tastes fantastic! So, if your looking to get cozy and warm things up, baking is always a great solution. Can't beat the smell of fresh baked goodies as it spreads throughout your home. It puts your heart at ease and you begin to feel perfectly content.


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