Holiday Card Time

It was last year I finally decided to get my act together and do some festive cards! They turned out super cute and my family and friends loved them! This year we are hoping to do it all over again. We ordered them through Shutterfly last year, which we loved. I might go through them this year, although I am secretly hoping to design my own and make it even more personal! Depends on time I suppose!

I do a little bit of photography on the side and this is the time of year I start getting a lot of calls! People are hoping for a session to get those Christmas cards ordered on time! I don't blame them, it took me four years to finally get organized! Here are a few cards I designed this year, it was a lot of fun putting these together! We shall see if anyone would like to use my templates or not. Either way, there are always TONS of companies you can order your Christmas prints from! 

I used my sweet nephew as my poster child and my husband and I in the above images! So what do you think? Are you going to do the whole Holiday card thing this year?! Perhaps you already do! 


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