Christmas Wreath

With Christmas just around the corner, I'm noticing stores bringing in decorations, playing holiday music and already spreading the cheer. I'm a sucker for all things Christmas, it's my favorite holiday by far! I love the family gatherings, baking, cooking, decorating, music, shopping, wrapping, giving, driving around looking at lights and anything else that comes with this time of year. Even the snow (unfortunately, I don't see a whole lot of it these days). I'm the annoying one that wants to pull the tree out as soon as it's November and start playing Christmas music morning, noon and night. So, I decided to spare my husband with the pre-Christmas drama and just stick to the malls and department stores to get my fix. Until December, of course. I've been keeping my eyes peeled for possible presents and festive home decor. I saw lovely wreaths at one of the stores and nearly fell flat on my face when I saw how much they were selling for. It was just a fake wreath with delicate beading and a few other things for $70. So, it occurred to me that another crafty project was soon to commence. I went straight to the craft store and bought a few items to create my own, unique wreath. It didn't have to cost me $70, but rather $8. I think that's something worth getting cheerful about. I wanted my wreath to be obviously handmade and not so perfect or Martha Stewart inspired. Not to say that I don't think there are some AMAZING wreaths out there, cause there are (and our next craft night will be focused on making some really pretty ones). Today, however, I wanted something more rustic, eclectic and different. I gathered my inspiration from Anthropolgie's window and store displays. Whoever designs these spaces is genius and works with a lot of natural and reusable materials. 

Then there was my rendition. 

I purchased my wreath and paper for under $10.

I cut the paper into a spiral and shaped them until they resembled flowers. I then hot glued them to the wreath. 

I have a million buttons and decided to add a few to my wreath as well. 

Hope you find some inspiration this holiday season to create your own decor. I have to say, it's a lot of fun and a lot cheaper! 


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