here you will find an array of fabulous and lovely things. from random thoughts, thrifty finds, crafty crafts, tasty recipes, DIY, flea markets to photography! this is my life. ultimately, i hope to renew my readers interests in things that are helpful and inspiring! this blog originally began as an online journal of all things creative, vintage and crafty. now, i share my deepest passions and hobbies with you. do stay awhile and perhaps you might learn a few new things before you go on your way.  

ABOUT lidy.....

i am a renaissance girl still trying to find my way. i am wife to a wonderful man, a design student and hoping to add a mommy to my list real soon. i love hidden treasures at flea markets, repurposed thrift store finds, frequent road trips, a good thunderstorm, moroccan mint tea lattes, spending time with my loving husband and working towards living a well balanced and stress free life.