Hello new world! 

It's official, my site has launched and it looks amazing, thanks to my awesome friend Josiah! There are so many new features and neat little things, so please explore! This will be the last post you see on this blog, but don't fret!  You can find me at my new blog....simply hellolidy.com or you can click the Bonjour and Hello banner above. 

Don't go anywhere, I would love to hear from all of you....feel free to comment on upcoming posts, that way I know you found the new site too! 

Love to you all, thank you for being such faithful followers during this time here! 



Bang clad ladies

Well, today will most likely be my last post at this location! I may do one more to remind all my wonderful readers of where I will be relocating! I know moving around is never a fun thing, but I assure you the blog will still be the same....just better. 

Recently I have had the bang itch. I get this every few months or couple of years. I finally grow out my bangs where they start looking lovely again. Then, it's like my eyes start wondering and I begin to see all these fabulous hair cuts! I love having long bangs, but it's just too safe for me. I feel like everyday is the same thing. Down straight, down curly, parted in the middle, parted off to the side, up in a pony, up in a bun. It gets slightly boring, don't you think? When I see gals with bangs, it automatically looks cute, stylish and funky. Doesn't matter if its down messy or curled. Up in a crazy bun or braid. It's adorable! I love this blog and I highly recommend you check it out! It has all sorts of beauty tips and tricks. Feel free to check it out if you are in the in-between phase: to have bangs or not to have bangs. 

Here are a few cuts that I fell in love with, thanks to Bang Boom Pow

Well, I finally bit the bullet and got my hair cut. I love it and don't regret it one bit! I feel like this suits my personality and lifestyle, weird how a simple cut can do that to a woman! So, what do you think your hair style says about you? 



Baby Chronicles

Baby on the way

*My sweet nephew a few weeks old

Don't get too excited, no we are not pregnant. Not yet anyway! I decided I would start documenting our story on my blog. This way I can keep my family and close friends up to date with our journey. Besides, it's always a good thing to be able to look back and remember every detail of our baby's story. Beware, this might get sappy and/or emotional!

I'm sure I began our baby story on a previous post, but I'm gonna tell you again. It's all a part of the journey. When we decided to try for a baby I thought it was going to be easy. I mean, it seemed like it for everyone else. I was so foolish to think it would be that way for us. I realize now, everyone is different and for reasons unknown. Nonetheless, we are who we are and our situations are as difficult as we allow them to be. So, it's important to always be positive and try to remember all your blessings. After a year of no baby, I was reassured by doctors and friends that it was normal for these things to take time. So, we kept our chins up and pressed on. As more months went by with no change, I started researching ways to get my body prepared for having a baby. Like cutting out caffeine, taking folic acid and fun stuff like that. Let's just say, the caffein thing didn't last long. Still, things didn't seem to change. I remember hearing friends and family announce their pregnancies, watch their bellies grow, feel their tummies and their little miracles inside as they moved and kicked. It was a joy, but painful at times too. It made it that much more difficult to stay positive and hopeful. I still have to take deep breaths and fight tears when I hold someones newborn or see more friends become mothers and fathers, but I know that I have a greater strength deep within to sustain me. It gets stronger by the minute, hour and day. It might sound cliche, but God truly knows best. His ways are truly not our ways, His thoughts higher than our thoughts. I have to remind myself of this. Daily.

It wasn't too long ago that I finally decided to go to the doctors to get things checked out. Make sure things were ok with me and my husband. We have had some tests done, most coming back normal. But more tests are needed and it gets frustrating and tiring. I often find myself becoming angry. If only people knew how blessed they were. I mean, more than just the normal blessed. I mean REALLY blessed.  It's not as easy as some may think it to be. When you don't have to lift a finger and BAM you're pregnant. Just like that. Maybe if they were us for just one day. Month. Year. Maybe then they would truly know. I realize this isn't fair to say. And not everybody has scenarios like that. It's just a thought I have when it feels like I'm about to rip at the seams and it passes. It always does. So, we stay hopeful and keep moving forward. 

I will never forget the day I found myself drawn to this idea. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to pursue this or why I was even acting on it. I just remember feeling like this was what I was suppose to do. This is why I am at this place in my life right now.  Effortlessly, I found myself emailing a wonderful lady from our church who works with adoption placement in our area. I remember asking questions and getting answers right away. I remember getting a warm invitation to come with her to some finalized adoptions and being so moved that day, something inside of me changed. Perhaps it's what you feel when you first see that positive sign, the heartbeat of your little one, a kick inside or when you finally hold your baby for the first time. An overwhelming warmth that hits you from your head down to your toes. Tears just fill up and pour down your cheeks without warning. You don't know how you can feel this much compassion and love for such a stranger, but you know they are yours. For me, I don't yet know them by name nor the dimples on their face. I don't know their tiny movements, snorts, cry or laugh. I haven't seen the shape of their eyes, the color of their skin or whether they are a boy or a girl. I just know they are ours. Ours for life. To love, to nurture, to bless, to spoil, to share in struggles and blessings. It's true, we have started the most amazing journey as husband and wife. Not only to become parents, but to experience the blessings of adoption. Tonight we went to our first meeting, the early steps in the process. I already feel like an emotional wreck. We have SO much support from family, friends and others in this whole process. We are already blessed and changed. I am going to be destroyed (in a good way) when I finally set eyes on my baby. When I finally hold their tiny bodies against my chest. I can't wait to whisper to them how much I love them and how long I have been praying for them. What a joy they are to their mommy and daddy. 

God is good. He takes away, but He gives you something so much better in return. 




Wallpaper 101

This new year, it seems to be all about finishing projects on last years list. I am really good at making a to do list, but really bad at crossing them off! Am I the only one that feels that way? 

One of the projects we had hanging over our heads: finally getting the wallpaper up on the dining room wall. For weeks it just sat in the closet, waiting for us to use it. I was so excited, but mostly nervous. I have heard horror stories....I was too afraid to waste it, wreck it, or do something terrible in the process. Yesterday, my husband and I finally buckled down and geared up for the task ahead. 

Things I learned about wallpapering:

1. It's super slimy
2. You are crazy if you think you can do it solo
3. It involves a lot of water (you might even get prune fingers)
4. If bubbling occurs, it will be enough to drive you mad
5. The paper rips easily
6. You need to be super precise in cutting, measuring and lining things up
7. It's a good idea to have ALL the right equipment
8. Doesn't matter how many times you flatten the edges, they still will lift slightly so don't obsess
9. One wall is more than enough to wallpaper, unless you can afford to lose a lot of hair
10. Next time, hire someone else to do it. Wouldn't that just make everything so much easier?  

All in all, it was worth it. I love the paper we chose and our room has transformed completely. It just takes some getting use to. Would I do it again? Call me crazy, but I think I might. It's a lot of fun, after it's all complete! 

So happy with the results! A simple, yet funky design. 

Blends well into the next room


Just have to trim the last panel and it's looking great!





Back in October I was on a hunt for the perfect chevron run. I looked at all kinds of stores and fell in love with several, like this one from West Elm! Unfortunately, I'm always looking for the best deal and knew I could do better. I finally came across a decent chevron rug at Urban Outfitters! Of course,  I found the link on Pinterest and it seemed to be the best deal for the size of rug I was looking for. I was in love with all the colors: the grey was wonderful and the blue so unique! I just needed a little bit more funk in my house. Don't get me wrong, the grey was fabulously sleek and modern. The blue was calming and feminine (I may order this for our nursery in the future). The black and white, however, makes a statement...it's spunky and confident! So, I put my order in and after almost 3 months of patiently waiting...yes, 3 months on backorder.....it came in the mail! I am in love love love with it. This is the perfect size for our living room, bedroom or even kitchen. 

So there you have it, another fantastic piece for our home! I love getting little treats like this once in a while, it sure makes things come together little by little around here!