Wallpaper 101

This new year, it seems to be all about finishing projects on last years list. I am really good at making a to do list, but really bad at crossing them off! Am I the only one that feels that way? 

One of the projects we had hanging over our heads: finally getting the wallpaper up on the dining room wall. For weeks it just sat in the closet, waiting for us to use it. I was so excited, but mostly nervous. I have heard horror stories....I was too afraid to waste it, wreck it, or do something terrible in the process. Yesterday, my husband and I finally buckled down and geared up for the task ahead. 

Things I learned about wallpapering:

1. It's super slimy
2. You are crazy if you think you can do it solo
3. It involves a lot of water (you might even get prune fingers)
4. If bubbling occurs, it will be enough to drive you mad
5. The paper rips easily
6. You need to be super precise in cutting, measuring and lining things up
7. It's a good idea to have ALL the right equipment
8. Doesn't matter how many times you flatten the edges, they still will lift slightly so don't obsess
9. One wall is more than enough to wallpaper, unless you can afford to lose a lot of hair
10. Next time, hire someone else to do it. Wouldn't that just make everything so much easier?  

All in all, it was worth it. I love the paper we chose and our room has transformed completely. It just takes some getting use to. Would I do it again? Call me crazy, but I think I might. It's a lot of fun, after it's all complete! 

So happy with the results! A simple, yet funky design. 

Blends well into the next room


Just have to trim the last panel and it's looking great!


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