Back in October I was on a hunt for the perfect chevron run. I looked at all kinds of stores and fell in love with several, like this one from West Elm! Unfortunately, I'm always looking for the best deal and knew I could do better. I finally came across a decent chevron rug at Urban Outfitters! Of course,  I found the link on Pinterest and it seemed to be the best deal for the size of rug I was looking for. I was in love with all the colors: the grey was wonderful and the blue so unique! I just needed a little bit more funk in my house. Don't get me wrong, the grey was fabulously sleek and modern. The blue was calming and feminine (I may order this for our nursery in the future). The black and white, however, makes a statement...it's spunky and confident! So, I put my order in and after almost 3 months of patiently waiting...yes, 3 months on backorder.....it came in the mail! I am in love love love with it. This is the perfect size for our living room, bedroom or even kitchen. 

So there you have it, another fantastic piece for our home! I love getting little treats like this once in a while, it sure makes things come together little by little around here! 


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