Green with envy

This year, I am going on an amazing adventure to Ireland over spring break! I am SO excited, words cannot begin to express. It's been a dream of mine to go to Europe for YEARS and it's finally going to happen. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and blog all about it, but let's not get too ahead of ourselves. 

I have been eyeing lots of stuff since then. When I say stuff I mean clothes mostly...seriously, I could buy a whole new wardrobe just for this trip. It's scary. And sad. Or even both. Since I've never been anywhere really, especially not Ireland, I have been researching the climate during that time of the year. As far as I can tell, it rains a lot and it's a bit cooler than what I'm use to here in California. I slowly became obsessed with boots: Leather boots, furry boots, comfy boots, impractical boots, any kind of boots. If only you could see how many I own already...shhhhh, the hubby doesn't need to know this secret obsession of mine. Well, long story short I was pleasantly surprised with my first EVER rubber boots this Christmas (geez, thanks ma and pa!). Did I mention that they are even green....one of my many favorite colors! They are perfectly wonderful! 

I find myself trying them on periodically in the house, but boy are they hard to get off! I usually need my strong man to pull these suckers off. Best part is, I didn't have to go out and spend tons of money on them (nor did my fabulous folks) like these Hunter boots I've been eyeing. Sometimes thrift shopping goes a long way, you never know what you might find (did I just sound like Forest Gump?). Surprisingly, my mom got a great deal on these Steve Madden boots: regular $125.00 for $50.00 at a wonderful consignment shop back in Canada (I actually use to work there back in the day) called Trend Fashions. Can you believe they've never been worn? Who knows why they were there on that fateful day, but thank you to the gal who decided to give these beauties away! 

How about you? Find any great discoveries at your local thrift store lately?! Do share, I love to hear about a good find. 



  1. If you decide to visit Bergen (Norway) once you will definitely need these. I've been wearing mine so much that they have fallen apart and I need new ones :P Ireland is going to be great! My cousins live there, so hopefully I'll go there one day too!

  2. Oh, I would LOVE to go to Norway!!! I need 5 jobs to support all the places I wish to go! I am obsessed with rubber boots, but wish I lived somewhere where I could wear them more often. I live in the hottest, driest place on earth....well, not really. But I certainly can't wear my boots year round :( How do you wear your boots....I mean, so they look cute with any kind of outfit? Have any suggestions?!!!!