I am super excited to show you this fabulous DIY project! As soon as I spotted it on Pinterest, I went straight to play! A few months ago I bought a bag full of retro yarn at a garage sale. I wasn't too sure at the time why I was buying it, I just loved the colors and for 25 cents you can't go wrong! Now, I can finally put it to some good use. This is a super inexpensive and easy project! It doesn't take much time to complete, so you can accomplish lots in a short period of time! 

What you will need:
- a cereal box
- yarn in fabulous colors
- scissors
- a hot glue gun
- clear-drying craft glue

Directions: can also be found at this blog

Step 1: cut your box along all of the folds, so that you end up with two large flat pieces of cardboard and several smaller pieces. Keep the large pieces; stick the smaller ones back into your recycling bin.

Step 2: imagine one corner of your box as a triangle. You want to make the triangle by cutting the corner off the box, *but* with a rounded edge. Use this template from Nestle family
 as a guide for the shape that you want. Don't worry about being perfect here - it's not even a little bit necessary! 

Step 3: Roll the flat edges of your "triangle" together to make a cone. Secure them together with hot glue.   

Step 4: Using craft glue, draw a ring of glue around the very bottom of your cone. Press a single strand of yarn onto the glue. Begin wrapping up the cone, gluing down each ring of yarn. Don't worry about placing each ring perfectly next to the one under it - you can fill in holes later. Work your way up to the top of the cone. Place a dab of glue and a small loop of yarn right on the top to hide the cardboard.

Step 5: Begin winding back down, filling in any holes. Now you can be more sparing with the glue - you only need to glue down a few spots. If you still have holes when you reach the bottom, wind the yarn back up again. 

Step 6: Once you have all of your holes filled in, take one more trip around the cone with your yarn, this time leaving a few inches between each round to give the tree some depth. Try not to leave perfectly even spaces between your rounds - a little bit of sloppiness will give your trees character!

And you are done! These make great Christmas decorations! Adds the perfect crafty and handmade flare to your home! I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you.


Let the countdown begin...

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  1. Anonymous1.12.11

    LOVE, love, LOVE!

    - Sarah