I decided to share this fun little DIY with you today! It has two parts to it, but it's super straight forward and practically free. Yes, free! 

Part one: You will need

- an empty clean glass jar (it can be an old jam jar, any jar will do!)
- cut out snowflakes (I bought Martha Stewart adhesive doily die-cuts)
- water-resistant glue, sealer and finish (I use Collage Pauge in glossy) 

Part two:  You will need

-twigs (from your back yard or if you really want you can buy them from a craft store)
- yarn (in any color, but I chose cream) 
- hot glue gun

Part one instructions:

Make sure your jar is nice and clean so your snowflake will stick nicely to the glass. If you want to get super creative you can make your own cut out snowflakes. For easy instructions to cut out a five-point star snowflake, click here. I bought the Martha Stewart doily die-cuts a few months ago on sale, so I am dying to use them! Note: if you use these doilies they have a sticky back, but still use the water-resistant glue to ensure your snowflake sticks real good! Take your snowflake and rub the glue on the back until it is covered well. Place it on the jar wherever you please and rub a little more glue on the front until the snowflake is secure. Dip your finger in water and rub off access glue so you don't end up with streaks. You can also use several jars and place tea-light candles in them! They make great shadows on the wall! You're done part one! 

Part two instructions:

Break your twigs so they are the height you desire. Start rolling your yarn around your finger until you have a good start. Slowly slide the yarn off your finger and continue wrapping the yarn in different directions so you end up with a circular shape. The yarn pom pom ( I am calling them this because they are mini yarn balls, perhaps there is a more technical word but I'm ok with that!), can be as big or little as you desire. Make sure it is not too heavy to stick on the twig. Once you have the size you like, make several more for each twig you have. I had 6 twigs, so I made 6 pom poms. Take your hot glue gun and put some glue at the end of your stick  and glue the pom pom to the top. Tip: before hand, create a tiny hole in the yarn by poking the twig in the pom pom so you have a little indentation. This will help the pom pom sit more steadily on the twig. 

Now place the twigs in your jar and enjoy this cute little pom pom bouquet! I love this look, especially with my new yarn wrapped Christmas tree! It feels very homey and cozy! 

Hope you enjoy! 


  1. aw I love this project!!! I am going to try it!!!!!

  2. It will look super cute in your living room!! It's a good craft to do while watching your favorite Christmas movies :)