This season is all about adding those decorating elements with elegance. It probably sounds contradicting to suggest going to the dollar store to grab a few things, doesn't it? Well, that's ok! Here is a Christmas tip and a little trick of mine! Take a trip to your nearest dollar store or thrift store and keep your eyes open for cute and classy decorating ornaments. Even if they are plastic! Normally, I would overlook these items but I find that they are perfect for adding a unique look in your decor in an inexpensive way. I used red, silver and mirrored Christmas balls I found at the dollar store one year. As well as some fantastic crystal like ornaments I got on sale at Target and some vintage balls I got from the Pasadena Flea market this fall. Instead of putting them on the tree this year, I decided to put them on display in different ways around the house! They look perfect displayed in bowls or jars! Here are some other ways to display your new, inexpensive ornaments:

Scatter in a dish with other decorative elements:
 vintage keys and candles. 

Display in unique way around the house:
on a pedestal with glass lids.

Place in bowl with natural elements: pine cones

Hope you find this tip and trick helpful! It's bound to add some elegance in your decor this holiday season! 


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