DIY Christmas Toques 

While in Canada, it's a must to have something warm with you at all times. Although I am pretty lucky right now with this amazing weather during a Canadian Christmas, it still can reach cooler temperatures. Here is the most amazing contraption I have ever laid my eyes on....as soon as I saw how easy it was to whip up a handmade toque (or beanie to my American friends), I knew I had to have one! 

My mom discovered these fantastic knitting looms. Basically, you find some fabulous yarn you love and care to sport around. Wrap your yarn around each peg and continue to work your way inside of the ring. Luckily, there are instructions that come along with this amazing device. It will explain a lot better than I did, believe me! Not only would this make an amazing gift, but you will be able to whip something up in a few short hours!  Everyone will be getting something handmade with love from you for Christmas! You can buy these knitting loom sets at most craft and fabric stores. So, if you are in the mood to knit something easy and quick, this is for you!!  

I am going to be having a lot of fun with this over the holidays. I've got a hot cup of tea, a Christmas classic to watch and my knitting looms ready to go! 


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