Yesterday (sigh) was my kind of day! At 6am sharp I was up getting ready and making a mad dash to Starbucks for some festive coffees. In no time I was on my way to the Pasadena Flea Market with my sister-in-law, sweet baby niece and friend. I was beyond excited, it's been far too long since the last time I went. When we arrived at 9am, the cars were packed and there were people EVERYWHERE, even a camera crew filming for HGTV! Seriously, why is it so busy? I would just have to get over the crowds of hundreds of people and take it all in. And that's what I did. For 3 hours we walked around booth after booth. The sun was blazing hot, but we manned up and kept our course. At one time I even had the pleasure of meeting Antonio Ballatore, the season 4 winner of Design Star. This was the second time my sister-in-law has met him (yes, I got a picture with him, but it was taken on her camera. You will just have to take my word for it)! It was fantastic. After a very fun day, I came home with a few small treasures. This flea market adventure wasn't so much me looking for my dream item!  My husband and I are starting some house renovations, so we had to keep the buying to a minimum (I will keep you updated with the before and after process of the house reno's). 

For the next 5 days I will share with you my Flea Market Find of the day! It should be fun! Without further ado, my find of the day is this fabulous chalkboard/magnetic hanger! I thought it would be fun to hang on our wreath for now and once the holidays are through, I can use it somewhere in our home! This cute little guy cost me $5. Can't go wrong with that! 

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