The other day I had a friend over so we could catch up, do a little crafting and eat some yummy baking! It all sounded so wonderful, but it didn't exactly go as planned! I underestimated how much time we would need for our craft and I couldn't find a lot of my crafting tools...ANYWHERE!!! It's been that long! My baking didn't turn out so perfect either...trial run I suppose!! All in all, the company was wonderful and it was a good excuse to have a girl date on a cool and windy day! The girls and I use to have craft night once a month, but everyone (including myself) got busy busy!! I think it's time I start putting some extra time aside for some good girl time again. I forgot how much fun it can be!

Crafty Friend: Kelly 
Craft of choice: Banner
Materials: Burlap, yarn and hot glue guns
Treat: Pumpkin Scones and Coffee
Listening to: Foster the People

This project was SO easy! We decided to do a very neutral banner. This way we could create something that could be used throughout the year and not just for one particular holiday. It saves you time, money and work! It also leaves you more time to do other fun projects! Like making a second banner if you so choose! The plan is to create removable letters (or other fancy components...such as flowers, ruffles etc.) and spell out different things for different holidays. I am still not done figuring it out, so if and when I ever do I will update you on that! 

For now, the banner still looks cute as it is! Sometimes keeping it simple really does pay off! 


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