I came across a booth that was FULL of beautiful glass bottles of all sorts of colors and sizes. It made it nearly impossible to choose, which for me can be a problem: I a m t h e m o s t i n d e c i s i v e p e r s o n  e v e r! I finally had it down to a few and decided to get them all. Why not?! They were asking $16, I offered $10 and we settled on $12. Wasn't exactly as low as I wanted to go, but I saved a few dollars! 

I found I was more attracted to the translucent bottles that shimmered an array of color when the sun reflected off of them. This is good for my dining room, where I hope to display them. It has enough color already! These will be perfect for all sorts of things, even on their own. Nonetheless, I am very happy with my second flea market find of the day! 


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