I've been pinning Thanksgiving crafts for a couple months now, I just love to create my own decor for the holidays! Not only is it cheaper, but it's a lot more fun! I have a mild obsession with burlap this year. It's simple, clean and great for all sorts of things. 

I have been collecting some ideas for Thanksgiving (and Christmas, of course). I love the vintage feel of burlap and it's neutral qualities. Of course, I was so excited I had to share it with some friends! So, this week I'm gonna craft it up with some of my fellow crafty gals and put some of these ideas to the test! I will be sure to show you what we come up with...depending on how easy (or difficult) the projects are, we may make a few things! 

Here are some of the ideas I am dying to try!

DIY Thanksgiving Turkey! 

Ruffled Table Runner

Of course, a festive wreath

A lovely Banner

Can't wait for Christmas! Burlap tree skirt!

Fun advent Calendar

When it comes to burlap, the sky is the limit!

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