Halloween Garland: Simple, Easy and Cheap

I am not one to decorate wildly every holiday that comes around. Although I love to have an excuse to go out and spend money on all kinds of fun holiday decor, it isn't a necessity. I'm more excited to see the cute costumes come halloween day. In our neighborhood, you will see all kinds of decorations inside and outside the homes. Some are actually cute, while others are quite scary! I like to keep my halloween decor simple, classy and clean. This year we have kept it to a minimum, but this could very well change when we have kids. This is definitely a holiday for them! 

This year, I decided to make a tiny garland for one of our shelves in the living room. It isn't anything fancy or amazing. It's just enough to add a little something extra for the holiday though! I scrounged up a few scraps to reuse and also went out to grab a few things that were super cheap! I have a nice neutral paper that I mixed with a few colorful ones to make the garland pop. I had some left over stickers from a previous craft I had done that are circular and have letters and symbols on them. I also got a cheap ribbon that was discounted because there was barely a yard left, so I got a nice deal on it! In just 10 minutes, I had all my stuff cut out, put together and hanging. We now have a simple "Boo" garland up! 

If you are one of those people that means business when it comes to decorating for different holidays, there are all sorts of amazing blogs to give you ideas and inspiration. For me, I got my inspiration from two fantastic blogs full of all sorts of crafts, recipes and decor ideas:  The House of Smiths and Eighteen25 


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