Halloween Decor: Giant Yarn Spider Web

I came across this fun tutorial online a few weeks ago. I finally decided to sit down and try it out while my husband and I were watching The Walking Dead (how appropriate for Halloween, no?). It didn't take me too long to complete and I had a lot of fun doing it, surprisingly! I think I might do this with another frame, but a little smaller and perhaps a different color yarn. It's super simple, cute and matches the rest of my subtle halloween decor in our home.

All you will need for this project:

An old frame, which you can find at any thrift store (you may or may not want to spray paint it a fun color, I liked the wood texture of mine so I kept it natural)
Yarn (your choice in color)


For simple directions and pictures to help guide you, check out this blog where I found the tutorial. 

You will be sure to get some fun results!! 

There you go, a fun project that is cheap and effective! Hope you have fun with this! I think I may have to try this again next year, but get a little more creative with the colors! 


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