Vacant Walls

*An old photograph of our home

I've been in some homes where the walls are left untouched and I can only imagine what they would think if they traded spaces with us (by the way, can I just say "us" and you just know I'm referring to myself and my husband?? I kinda get tired of having to explain that I am talking about him and not some split personality). Ok, so as I was saying....oh yes.....anyways our home has 20 walls that have the potential of being utilized. Yes, I counted how many walls. I can confidently say that every one of those walls has either a picture or shelf on it. Is that bad? I am not entirely sure. 

Let's just say I am a lover of art and anything that could be considered art. I have pictures all over my home. Only one of any worth, which was a wedding gift,  some from your ordinary Ikea store. Others are my own photography, old pages from books, Audrey Hepburn memorabilia, a hand drawn portrait from a good friend, and even a large landscape picture that we bought from a garage sale for $5 to put over our bed. Yes, we have it all. 

I came across this site that is wonderful for anyone looking to buy art for the first time or add to their collection. I am not a rich woman by any means. I don't go to art galleries and put a large sum of money towards someones masterpiece. I see potential in a lot of things. I am not claiming in any way to be a pro at this, I am just someone who appreciates a lot. 20X200 is a wonderful site to check out. You can get a great sized piece of art anywhere from $20 to $200 (hence the name). Best part is, if you are looking for something specific, you can browse based on color, category, price or artist (if you know of one). I have been browsing a little and thought I might buy something for my sweet nephew who is turning 1 in September, but that can be a little risky. Seeing as, I am not too sure what mom or dad would think of my taste. Better play it safe. These are just a few that caught my eye.  A couple pieces I thought about purchasing for my little nephew. He has an adorable nursery that has a beach/ocean theme...seeing as they only live 10 minutes from the beach (a few actually)! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it helpful. Let me know what you think! 

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