Street Style: London

I would absolutely love to do this. The problem is, I live in a very boring city where style doesn't seem to be everyones thing. I mean, it's there. Just not like this. 

I came across this site on my instagram. I was fascinated with her pictures and followed the link to Street Stylish, based out of London. It's truly simple and fabulous. Using only an iPhone and Canon, Arianna walks the hip streets of London snapping pictures of people who have some serious style. Now, I have to admit. I wouldn't wear half this stuff, but if someone can wear it and still look cute then I think that's the point. It's all about individual style. Here are a few that I loved! 

If only we could all look this cute riding a bike to work!

I am loving this whole outfit. The skirt is super retro, love! 

This whole look is comfy and cute.  Perfect for college!

This is one of the outfits I couldn't pull off, but she does. 

I think my bedroom wall was this shade when I was 16! I love green!

Love the tan jacket, where can I get one?

Hope you enjoyed, perhaps I will check in with Arianna every so often. Get some inspiration for my drab closet! 


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