Sweetest little nephew is turning 1

Just a few months old

I can't believe a year has come and gone since my little nephew Logan was born! I'm not even his mother and I am in shock! He is the sweetest little boy you can imagine....he sucks his little thumb and everything. He has the most enduring smile and steals your heart the moment he looks at you. I am in love with the little man. 

This year, my brother/sister-in-law decided to have his birthday a little early this year so everyone could make it. Unfortunately, my husband and I are the only ones that won't be able to be there! It's sad, but true. Silly how work has to get in the way...you know ;)

I went ahead and started thinking of what we could get him for his first birthday. Hoping to maybe send it to them so he can open it the day of his party. We both wanted something a little bit unique and special from his aunt and uncle. We found one of his gifts from a funky interior store in Ventura, CA. That I won't give away....although I don't think any of my husbands family reads my blog. So, we might be safe! The second gift we found was on a site called Uber Prints, which is a fantastic website I am hooked to! You can make your own T-shirts and design them with their fonts, images, etc (which there are many pick from) or you can upload one you made from home. It was a lot of fun playing with different ideas. I uploaded a fun little picture of Logan I took a few weeks ago. I edited it in illustrator and made it look all funky. I uploaded the image on Uber Prints and found the font I wanted and started his little birthday present! Of course, I had to make a few and get my husbands approval. We finally decided on one we both liked (which I won't post in case they do come across this blog). For now, I will post one of the other possibilities, although not our favorite. The point is, this site is perfect for so many fun events! 

Decided against this design. My husband asked if it was
 cool to wear a shirt with your face on it. Point taken.

If you are having a hard time trying to decide on a gift for someone, you should check out this site. It's a lot of fun! 


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