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Do you have a favorite snack, one you could eat and eat and never get sick of? I know I do! My favorite, by far, would have to be popcorn. It's a healthy option and there are tons of amazing recipes out there! I am a fan of the traditional butter, salt and pepper. However, you won't be hearing any complaints out of me if you were to hand over some homemade caramel popcorn right now! My mouth is watering as I even talk about it. I haven't been able to enjoy myself a big bowl of this deliciousness in months! Seriously! We don't have a popcorn machine and it seems every time I try to pop it in one of our pots (old school style), it just doesn't work out. This week some of my wonderful extended family came for a short visit and bought us a popcorn maker. I was ecstatic!  Thanks again guys!!!! So, today I started googling some recipes for my new found (again) favorite snack and came across a site that has all sorts of easy recipes to choose from. I am going to try this Chile popcorn recipe tonight...feel free to browse around and see what interests you! 


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