Vintage Cosci

I am always on the look out for great finds when I'm browsing thrift or antique stores. My husband and I have a tradition to go out every so often and make a date out of it. We have our favorite spots around town, so we will walk through the shops and then grab lunch together. It's some of my most cherished times with him for sure. 

Not too long ago we found a new antique shop that we've driven by a million times, but never seemed to go in. They have a mixture of stuff in there...guess that's why I'm always hesitant to go in. Sometimes it's a lot of work to search for things. I was browsing through some vintage clothing, handbags and shoes when I spotted a cute leather woven purse. I picked it up and looked at the condition. It was clean in and out and still looked somewhat new. Inside was a gold plated brand label. I didn't recognize the name, because I had never heard of it to honest. All I knew was, it was super cute and I could see it working very well for me. I bought it for $4 and was pleased with my one little find that day. Since then, I have been trying to research the name. I have discovered that it is a popular leather handbag company in Italy and the vintage handbags similar to mine sell for around $70 to 80$ online. All the ones I have seen online were on eBay and Etsy, but most of them are sold. Which is a good sign. People are on the look out for Vintage Cosci. I feel very lucky finding mine and I LOVE it! 

If you know anything about this label, please feel free to educate me a little! I am very interested to discover what I can! 


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