Ah, Summer

I have to apologize for these long breaks in between my posts. The bottom line is, my life is crazy right now! So, I will do what I can when time permits! Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

June has flown by so quickly. It worries me a bit. Makes me think that summer is going to come and go sooner than I anticipate. My husband and I took a trip to Canada to see family the first couple weeks in June. We went on a nice road trip from Alberta to British Columbia. The drive never grows old, the beauty of the mountains never cease to amaze me. We went for a 5 km hike along Emerald Lake, which is known for it's color and beauty! The lake is surrounded by mountains and lush trees. There is something about being in the quiet, away from the hustle of nearby cities. We hiked mostly in silence and took in the peaceful sounds only nature can provide. It was a great way to clear my mind of negative thoughts and distractions. 

 If you have the time this summer, I urge your to get out of you house, town or city. Find a place that you find peaceful and just relax. I think we all need to get away sometimes from all the distractions life brings. It reminds you of what really matters and where our priorities should be. You will feel rejuvenated and at rest. It doesn't have to be a 5 hour drive to the nearest mountains, but even a quiet trail where you can take a nice walk to think and clear your mind. That's what I'm trying to make my summer good for anyway. A time to relax and reorganize my mind a little!

These are just a few pictures of the scenery. I hope you enjoy. 



  1. Anonymous30.6.11

    Of course I enjoyed the pictures! Makes me think of home! we are moving back very soon, and once again we'll be making the drive to Calgary through the mountains. It never gets old indeed. Enjoy the summer: yours will most likely be warmer than mine! xx

  2. You guys are heading back to Calgary?? How come? Yes, the mountains are one of my most favorite places to be!! Hope your summer is going wonderfully so far :)