Into the Wilderness

The first week of this month, my husband and I took a little trip to Yosemite. The most amazing place I have ever seen so far in my life. It might be sad to some of you, especially if you have travelled the world! For me, it was breathtaking and I was awestruck. I felt so small next to the monstrous mountains, raging waterfalls and was humbled by it all. 

I love to be outdoors and get some fresh air! Unfortunately, for me it doesn't happen very often. I live in a place where the air quality is rated the worst in the country. Amazing, right?? So of course, any chance I get I pack my bags and head for the mountains, trees or ocean. 

Recently, my husband entered a video contest here in the San Joaquin Valley. They were to make a 30 second video describing what it is they do to contribute to helping the environment and reducing air pollution. For us, that was easy. Not too long ago, my husband bought an electric lawn mower that looks a lot like a Fisher Price toy. It's cute, colorful and works like a charm. We just charge her up to get her going again. It's actually amazing. Not just that, but my husband has also been riding his bike to work for the past few years. He's been getting some good exercise, but also not using the car as much as he can. Yes, here in this city you get a lot of weird looks. People often ask him if it's because his license has been suspended or if he just can't afford a car. It's sad. But what can you do. In the video contest, my husband wrote a rap/song talking about what his change was. We waited for a few weeks for the votes to come in. While we were enjoying the beauty of Yosemite, my husband won the contest. I am so proud of him! Can't complain about the prize either: a new iPad. Maybe if I'm lucky, he will let me use it! Thanks friends and family for your votes! Your support is appreciated. 


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