C is for Craft

I was doing some "window shopping" on Etsy this morning and came across something that looked rather fabulous! A few months ago a good group of friends and I were on this kick about having a craft night once a month. As it turned out, life got busy for all of us and we had to put it on hold for a little while. I am hoping to start it back up sometime in the near future, but maybe I need some motivation. Perhaps what I need is a little trip to LA with some gals to check out this fun Etsy Lab hosted by the Craft and Folk Art Museum. It sounds like my idea of a fun time and hopefully a renewed passion for crafty things! If you are in the LA area and love to craft or be creative, check out these links. It's a great way to have fun and leave with a little inspiration! 


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  1. Anonymous19.6.11

    C is also for Crazy Summer!!! Have fun and don't wear yourself out: have fun with Vintage Peach!