Happily Ever After? 

Recently, one of my projects for school was to create a modern myth of sorts. I loved this idea and had a lot of things running in and out of my head. Eventually, I settled on a thought. I decided to do a piece on what happens after "Happily Ever After". 

I think it's sad how every fairy tale begins and ends the same. A helpless beauty, an evil villain, a prince who comes to save the day and of course, a Happily Ever After. I thought about the years in which most of these Disney movies were made and found a lot were during eras in which woman were seen as powerless or not as important as men. Not to mention, I wondered if women were truly happy in the lives they lived. I mean truly happy. Satisfied. Loved. Needed. I decided to focus on the idea of what happens after Happily Ever After, when fairy tales aren't always as happy as they seem. What happens after the beautiful princess has been saved by the mighty prince. Is he everything they make him out to be? Is it everything she imagines it will be? Most of all, what are these fairy tales doing in the lives of the boys and girls who watch them? I know for me I always wanted that kind of ending, but in the real world you have to fight for happiness. 

I got a lot of my inspiration from Dina Goldstein's "Fallen Princesses" series! Check it out, there are some very eye opening issues to be seen. 

Here is my piece on What Happens After Happily Ever After....


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