Busy busy, that is me.....

There are so many things going on in life right now. School, projects, homework, midterms, family, friends and the list goes on. It seems like everything kinda happens all at once and makes your life feel slightly insane. Nonetheless, this has been the month of excitement. 

Exciting news.....
- One of my digital art pieces was selected for the 2011 Bakersfield College Art Student Juried exhibition. My work will be displayed starting April 7th - May 4th.  So, if you are near by you should come check it out! 
- Overall, school is going fantastically well and I am LOVING it!
- Some dear friends of mine had their beautiful son, Statler. 
- My darling mother will be visiting for a couple weeks in April.
- My husband played an amazing show for St. Patrick's Day, tons of friends came to support him and his band. By far the best show!
- Have had a lot of bookings for photo shoots....that is always a plus.
- Generally blessed the last few months with great friends and family! 

I think it's important to focus on the good things. It feels nice to get that out there and acknowledge all the wonderful adventures life brings!

Today I will share some really bright and fun images I found on this site. Mostly, it consists of really interesting home decor and interior design elements. LOVE how funky some of the stuff is! Hope you enjoy...

 Love the idea of this decoupage lamp! 

Cutest pillow idea ever!

This has got to be the funkiest looking couch I've ever laid eyes on...

Very bold and effective wall paper...maybe not for my house, but it's still pretty amazing!



  1. I love the green chair and funky couch! Glad you have a lot of good things going on! Blessings are always great! Hope everything goes well with school and the photo bookings!

  2. pretty much everything on your list is on mine too! ahh, somuchtodo! i hope all goes smoothly for you & i love your little finds from the internet. that pillow idea is genius! :)