L.O.V.E. Challenge

Well, seems like I finally caught that cold thats been circulating....I've been fighting it all weekend. But, I won't let it stop me from enjoying what time I have today with my husband. 

Sorry friends, I wish I was feeling up to it to post for the last few days. Truth is, I've been sitting on the couch watching countless hours of television while my wonderful husband nurses me back to health. I sure do love him though. 

Today is Valentines day! Unfortunately, my schedule is so busy with classes we won't be doing anything special. However, doing those little challenges have helped out a lot. I think my husband knows how special he is to me and I know how special I am to him. 

For now, I will leave my wonderful husband a note that simply says, "I love you". Nothing crazy, just simple. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 



  1. I think words speak far louder than actions so a simple "I love you" is far more meaningful than a bunch of red roses that don't come from the heart.
    Your husband sounds like such a sweetie.

  2. I agree, simple is so much better :)

    Thank you, my husband is truly a sweetheart. I am very blessed!

    Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!

  3. Anonymous24.2.11

    Hope you are getting lotsa love as you seem to be so busy with school and life right now! Take some time to relax a bit... then lt us know about it ;) Miss you!

  4. Thanks my dear! I am feeling much better...school is kicking me in the butt. Lots of projects, but I should be posting soon! Thanks for the reminder ;) Miss you, love you!