L.O.V.E. Challenge

Yesterday was a good day, for so many reasons. It might sound silly, but when the little things are taken care of I feel this huge weight off my shoulders. The house is clean and tidy, homework is done, errands complete. On top of all that small stuff, I went to my classes yesterday, as I always do. A friend of mine showed me something very interesting; there displayed in a glass cabinet in the hall was my first assignment, along with 8 other talented people. All of a sudden, any doubts and fears went away and I felt like I could to anything I put my mind to. It's not something that's going to happen all the time, but it was what I needed in that moment and I am very grateful. I couldn't understand why my art was with all these amazing pictures, but for the first time I felt proud of my work. My husband was a bit of a nerd and came to the school to take a picture of it, but that's what I love about him. He makes me feel like anything I create or do is magic. 

So, back to the L.O.V.E. Challenge! How did yesterdays go? I wrote my husband a little letter of encouragement (he has been stressed about work lately) and I think it lifted his spirit a little. It feels so good to know I have one thing I have to do to make someone else feel loved. Today, I encourage you to do this next challenge for a new individual or even both! 

Day 2:
A Little Act of kindness

Do something kind for the one you love today. Maybe you can bring someone their favorite drink from Starbucks, take them out for a small lunch (cheap too, if you're saving money), offer to watch someone's kids for free and so much more! You get the idea! Just a little act of kindness to let them know you are thinking of them. Remember, if you want you can always do this for more than one person! Leave a comment if you please, let me know how your challenge went today.


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