L.O.V.E. Challenge

The day of love is approaching us, only 5 more sleeps. Personally I love the idea of Valentines, but I think the act of love should be shown on a daily basis. Not just once a year. However, my husband and I look forward to this Hallmark holiday because we have an excuse to spend some extra money on a nice dinner and make time to do something out of the ordinary. I guess it can really go both ways....

I decided that even though I have 6 days to go, I would start a little early this year. Every day until Valentines I am going to do one nice thing for my husband. It might be small, simple, perhaps even a bit corny. The point is, I want him to feel loved and appreciated. Now, this doesn't have to be just your spouse. It can be  a family member, a good friend even a stranger. I guess it's good to stop thinking about ourselves so much, and put others first for a change. It can be good practice for the rest of the year! 

Day 1: 
A little note of love 

This doesn't have to be fancy. Just a little note of appreciation, encouragement or just because. If you are going to join the L.O.V.E. challenge, good luck! Let me know how it goes!


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  1. That was so cute... I liked that!!!! I will try your challenge.... will keep you posted!!!!! <3