In the Sun

Woke up to a beautiful morning! The sun is shining and the house is full of light and warmth. It seems I have a million things to do and it can take that joy out of such a lovely day. Sometimes all it takes is some good tunes to make your negative thoughts disappear. I am listening to the wonderful album of She and Him. Their vintage vibe makes things perfectly appealing this morning! 

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday....yes,  Superbowl Sunday. I may not be a huge football fan, but its a good reason to spend the day with great friends, deliciously unhealthy food and watch a few entertaining commercials here and there! 

Here is a little video to start your day off just right! 



  1. Yes, I'm not a big football fan (unless my homteam is playing) but I do love a reason to pig out and have fun lol. We have a superbowl sunday giveaway going on..check it out!
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Happy Sunday to you as well!!! I definitely ate way too much....shouldn't have an appetite for a week at least!

    I will have to check out your giveaway :) Thanks for the heads up!