For Christmas this year, I was spoiled by my husband and brother in law. They both pitched in to get me a new wide angle lens for my camera. I've been wanting one for a while, but knew it would take me a while to save up. I was so happy when I realized I could put it to use sooner than I thought....thanks boys! 

I'm trying to fill my walls with my own snapshots. Although I have a few images from various things, I like to have some stuff that is a bit more personal besides pictures of my husband and I and our family. I love photography and design, I am super excited to start my design classes and hope to create more amazing images. Can't wait to see where that takes me. For now, I will enjoy the simplicity of  picture taking and not get too crazy with graphics (yet!)  

I have an obsessions with old houses, particularly old Craftsman or Victorian homes. The architecture and design are beautiful, down to every detail. Recently, I captured some pictures of the Carson Mansion while up in Eureka, CA. This historic Victorian mansion is beyond words...it is a picture of perfection! Although I took a lot of snapshots of the home, I decided to frame the little details. The Large doors and the hardware alone were unique in design. I also took a quick snapshot of an antique phone booth as we were walking down the street from the mansion. It was just too cute! I did a deep black and white effect on the images to give it a mysterious feel. I love the outcome and I think they would look beautiful in large matted frames. Wish I could just do this for a living....  


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