Metaphorical portrait

I have been in the lovely land of chaos this past week! So many things going on, but I've survived. My second week of school has been fun. There are so many talented people in each of my classes...it's so refreshing to know we all have a different eye for design and it comes from different inspiration. 

We were asked to create a Metaphorical Portrait. That is, a portrait of ourselves that is not a mere picture of our face. Rather something that expresses who we are from within. This was challenging at first. You have to know what part to reveal and which to keep safely hidden inside. I finally bit the bullet and created something that is completely me. As we approached the day we all critique ones work, I was a bit nervous. I didn't know if people would understand my work or if they would hate it. But it was my self portrait and I knew there could be no wrong in that. As I listened to my prof and classmates express there thoughts on my work, I realized they understood it completely. They could see exactly what it meant to me. 

It still has much improving, but I am so thankful for the suggestions and opinions of some amazingly talented people. Feel free to share. Let me know what you gather from this! 


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