Busy Busy, Like a Bee

Well, I am officially in the full swing of things. Classes have picked up, assignments, projects, quizzes...you name it! Not to mention every day life at home. Now I know why they recommend you finish school before marriage and babies (although we don't have any yet). It's crazy and something always gets neglected. Right now, my home is not the home I want it to me. Its tidy,  but it needs a good cleaning. I don't think I've cooked in over a week and my poor husband has to put up with it all. But he is a sweetheart and thank God he doesn't have high expectations! 

The past month, I have felt a wave of change coming on. I don't know what it means. It seems a lot of doors are closing, but I'm just waiting for more to open. I think my husband feels it too. We are excited to see what takes place this year. Could be small, could be big, could be nothing. Either way, it's still a positive thing. 

That's my thought for the day. 

Also, don't forget to check out paper lilies & french toast. We are still waiting for more of you to enter our Valentine's giveaway, which ends this Monday (Jan.31st)...there are some REALLY cute pendants you can choose from for FREE. Let's not be crazy people! These two are my personal favorite, but there are more in her Etsy shop to goggle over!

Love to you all, hope you have a great Thursday. Weeks almost over!



  1. Good luck with school! Hope whatever 2011 has in store for you is a good! That steamy pendant is cute!

  2. Thanks a lot :)

    Yes, I LOVE that Steamy pendant!


  3. I think your blog is super adorable.

  4. Thanks Olivia! Feel free to check it out anytime :)