Dreaming of Europe

It's always been a dream of mine to travel to Europe. My mom was born in Holland and a lot of my parents family immigrated from there to Canada. Needless to say, it's part of my heritage and I am dying to go. This year my family, husband and I decided we should all save some money throughout the year and make a holiday out of it. The thing is, this is not an easy trip. There are SO many plans to be made and money to be saved. So, I've listed my thoughts so far:

- Travel by plane/car vs Cruise
- Places to mark on the map: France, Holland, Germany, Italy.....
- Museums
- Food
- Shopping
- Flea markets
- Practically everything

So, that's it, Vague and very unexperienced. I think I have a lot more research to do, people to talk with and family to bounce my ideas off of (considering I'm not traveling alone...oops, I forgot to add there thoughts into all of this!). 

If you are an experienced traveler, Europe especially, let me know what you think. I could use some suggestions, as you can clearly see! I will keep you posted. At this point, I am only hoping that this trip is gonna happen! Oh, to dream....



  1. if you are a costco memeber look on costcos travel website. Even if you aren't there are some good ideas on there. That's where me and Ben booked our Cancun trip through!

  2. We haven't been to Europe yet...but just make sure see any famouse monuments/landmarks they are known for. It might also be cool to book a nice tour. Good luck!

  3. Anonymous26.1.11

    When you have big groups, it might be easier to make sure first where you all want to go. There might be a certain point where 2 activities can be done in the same area... no fighting there! Also, have you looked into railway passes? You can get some decent prices (student!) and get bundles where you can bounce from one place to another. And finally, there are oodles of guides for the "back road" traveller who wants the goods on the cool, cute and les travelled places. Sometimes getting the skinny on the best "marché aux puces" in Paris can be pretty cool! Good luck, what a wonderful project! I miss Europe!

  4. Thanks girls, you are all very helpful! I am super excited, can hardly wait!

    I never thought of the railway passes...duh!

    Love to you all

  5. Anonymous27.1.11

    Cruises are wonderful. But for Europe I think its best to fly there.
    With a cruise, you get to spend but so much time in one place, then its time to go. At least when you fly there, you can say allocate a week in Italy a week in France etc and you wont miss anything!

  6. You will have an absolute blast!! Traveling is the most amazing thing in the world to do as a couple. If you end up going to Germany let me know!! x