Bamboo Pen and Touch

After a long day of work, I was greeted by a strange box outside my backdoor. It was addressed to me and I was very curious....? Once inside, I quickly opened up the box to discover an amazing belated Christmas present from my wonderful friend, Jenelle! Too bad she is so far away (living in the whimsical land of Canada), otherwise I would have given her a BIG hug!!!! She knows I am enrolled in the Graphic Design program and start my classes this Monday, in fact. Crazy! So, she bought me the most amazing piece of technology....the Bamboo Pen and Touch. This little thing is going to be SO useful in my classes and assignments. It can do all sorts of wonderful lovelies: edit pictures, draw, paint, doodle, make personalized cards by creating embellishments and borders, digitally handwrite greetings and even play a few games. I am touched by her thoughtfulness and generosity.....thanks my dear friend! If you are interested in design or photography, be sure to check out this new tool. I'm sure you will be finding it very useful, I know I will! 

*note: photos are not my own


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