Lady Baltimore

My husband and I have started to collect a lot of vintage home decor. One of the things I am obsessed with right now would have to be retro luggage! I have 3 large Lady Baltimore suitcases in cream, brown and blue. We use them to display a few little things and to be more of a conversation piece in our living room (although we have a lot of those already it seems)!  I am truly inspired by Anthropolie, to be honest. Every time I walk into that store I want to redecorate my entire house, room by room. So, until I have enough money saved up to do that kind of thing, I will do what I can. 

Above: Anthropologie's idea of luggage as room decor

If you love the idea of luggage, be sure to check out Etsy.com for some good finds. There, you will discover all sorts of retro and vintage suitcases! 

What are you inspired by? Do you have a certain feel in your home? Feel free to share, I would love to hear your design style! 


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