Oh, hello November

I know, it's a bit late. I've been so busy I forgot to share my latest desktop calendar with you! Call me crazy, but I really look forward to this part of the month. For November, I picked a rather interesting calendar. Have you ever heard of No Shave Month? It's usually celebrated in Canada and USA, but in countries like Australia and New Zealand it's a bit more interesting. They celebrate what's called Movember.....the official mustache month which was created in order to spread awareness of cancers that affect men. I like this for two reasons. First, although I cannot grow out a mustache, I can at least grow out my leg hair and not worry about shaving for a few weeks. And of course, support this month in some small way. Poor husband. Oh, well...ok, totally kidding. Secondly, everything is funnier with a mustache. There you have it....hope you enjoyed today's post and this months calendar! 

November....or should I say,

Everything is funnier with a mustache


Here are a few other calendars I also took a liking too! 


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