Spray Paint and Water Technique

My husband and I love to experiment with paint techniques and I especially love this one. Each item appears unique and you never know how it's going to turn out exactly. Which is daring, but fun! Recently, my husband went on a hunt for some finds and came back with 2 glass owls and a few other items as well. We wanted to try this technique on the owls to see what it would turn out like and the result was beautiful. We wanted something you could display as Christmas decor, but with a modern twist. This way you could also keep it on display once the holidays are over. Here are simple instructions to a beautiful project waiting to happen! 

Midnight Owls

You'll need:

::1:: A glass item of your choosing that you want to spray paint

::2:: Spray paint of your color preference (Gold metallic, silver metallic, brown and light blue also look great....we chose silver and black)

::3::Spray bottle filled with water

Here's How

::1:: Cover entire glass object with black paint (or other color of your choosing) 

::2:: When the black paint is dry, spray the glass object with water and then immediately apply the silver spray paint (or other color of your choosing). 

::3:: Repeat steps 1 and 2 with opposite colors (or completely different colors).

The result 

This is a great project to experiment with! Feel free to comment me if you give this a try, I'd be happy to hear all about it! 



  1. Anonymous26.11.10

    This is too awesome and I feel compelled to run to my local thrift store to find a cute thing to paint. Please, I need more easy projects! Enjoy the Great White North and the family!

  2. Thanks, my dear friend! This is the easiest and most fun project so far I think! You should try it, you can do so much with it!

    The holiday was wonderful by the way...I missed the snow, but the freezing temperatures got old after a while! It was wonderful seeing my family though! How was Cuba?!