Melrose Trading Post

A couple weekends ago, my husband and I set out for Los Angeles in hope of fun and adventure. I always love to go on little road trips out of town, especially because I can use all the inspiration I can get my hands on. If you are into the whole flea market scene or just looking for something fun and different to do, I recommend checking out the Melrose Trading Post. Located in the heart of LA on the corner of Fairfax and Melrose Avenue, you will find this divine and eclectic flea market. Not to mention, Pink's is just a couple blocks away. Melrose Trading Post is different than other flea markets, in that, each week it is sponsored by a different school club or organization that will use the $2 admission fee you pay at the gates  to help fund activities or other purchases the school may not be able to due to strict budgets. It is also rumored to have been featured in the "Best of LA" issues of major publications such as Vogue, Sunset Magazine, Jane, Country Home, GQ and Los Angeles Magazine. I secretly hoped to see Jessica Alba perusing the stalls, since I have recently come to find out it is one of her favorite past times as well.  I'm sure a lot of famous people enjoy looking through old junk, but I had no luck and didn't see anyone worth mentioning. Then again, I was busy trying to find treasures myself. I can't get enough of flea markets and I am so glad we went to check this one out. There were tons of vendors and all sorts of really cool stuff, ranging from knick knacks to bold and beautiful furniture pieces. I always forget how much I enjoy paying attention to the smallest detail of each item I pick up and observing the unique people flea markets tend to draw in. As usual, I created a photo journal of my fun day at the Melrose Trading Post. Enjoy!

Tons of bright colored furniture everywhere. If only I was so brave.

Made from vintage soda bottle caps. I thought they were cute and unique. 

This was my husbands request. We were fascinated with his style: personal and artistic. 

I love stamps and I almost cried when I saw this booth. There were hundreds of them. Yet, I bought none. Why was that again? 



  1. Love! Oh, and I love the new layout!! I think it looks great and matches your style perfect! Good job!

  2. Aw, thanks Jodi! You are so sweet xoxo

  3. Anonymous4.11.10

    First picture has this lovely side table with the intricated carvings... I want it painted in high gloss white and I'd place a blooming phalaenopsis on it. But this only in a few years, when the house can be normal and not boring baby proofed. Also, LOVE the new layout. I cleaned shop too, I needed some kind of rebirth. And Etsy is up... with only jewelry, for now. You amaze me, Lidy-O!!!! Love to read you!

    PS: You should create a button, so I can share your blog on mine!

  4. My dear friend. So good to hear your positive encouragement, but should I expect anything less out of you?! Not really, I imagine :) I love your vision for that table! Trust me, if I could I, would have taken so many larger pieces home with me. But where to put it all?! I'm sure it is more challenging having a little one running around! Then again, you have such a create mind your home is probably cute as can be. I did see your updated blog and it looks wonderful! Did you design your background as well? I wouldn't be surprised if you did! I am THRILLED you have Etsy up and running. First thing after this comment, I'm checking you out! As for buttons, that sounds wonderful! I also noticed you have one, so I would love to have yours on my page!

    Lots of love