Easy and Delicious Dinner

Let's face it. Sometimes after a long day of work, errands or chores, making dinner is the furthest thing from your mind. Certainly, you could grab a quick dinner from a fast food restaurant or go somewhere a bit more fancy and spend some extra cash. There are many nights like that for my husband and I, especially when there are only two of us. Sometimes going through all the trouble making a dinner doesn't seem worth it and days like that, you want something easy. My husband has become quite talented on the BBQ. We grill all kinds of things, but recently my favorite is pizza. Yes, pizza. It makes sense if you think about it. It's the closest thing to a pizza oven as far as temperature is concerned.  The dough develops a delicious flavor from being baked over an open flame. And like most pizzas, the toppings are endless. We like to keep it a bit simple. Here is an easy dinner idea for people like us throughout a busy schedule: low energy, money pinching and most importantly, hungry! 

Grab some pre-made dough from your nearest grocery store. We love Fresh and Easy's Rosemary Focaccia Dough, which is great for pizza. If that doesn't excite you, regular pizza dough will be just fine. 

Grab you pizza toppings while your at it. We love a simple fresh spinach, tomato and feta cheese pizza. It is delicious and light, yet filling. No sauce necessary, which could be better over an open flame. 

Toss the pizza dough until you have the right consistency and thickness. Lightly brush both sides with olive oil. 

Start up your BBQ to about 600 degrees or so. Once it heats up place dough over the open flame for roughly 3-5 minutes on one side. You will begin to see the dough bubble and toasted spots will appear. 

Immediately flip dough over once it reaches the above description. Place your toppings on the pizza while it is on the grill. This should be done relatively quick, since it only takes a few short minutes to bake. 

Once pizza is baked, serve with your choice of sides. Salad is always a nice compliment to a yummy pizza! Now enjoy.....


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  1. Anonymous6.11.10

    Oh! Yum!!!! This sounds and look delicious! Try to toss some fresh arugula and olive oil on top before serving... I love a bit of crisp green on my pizza, and it saves time on making the salad... Bon apetit!