Handmade Ornaments

I'm finally back from my much needed holiday! I had a fantastic time with family and friends in the cold, but amazing country of Canada. There is nothing more beautiful than the white snow and crisp skies. You can see the smoke exiting the chimneys and every detail of the trees as they are covered in frost. I love the crunch your shoes make as you walk through hardened snow and cozying up under a blanket while sipping on a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate. I took in every moment while I was away and tried to release all that stress I had allowed to pile on my shoulders. It was refreshing being away and spending it with positive and loving people. I felt so renewed as I started back into regular routines like work, house chores and grocery shopping.  Today was a good day! 

On that note, I shall jump right back into my bloggy blog world. My husband joined me in Canada for a few days and brought with him a project he has been working on for the past week. He was given a new scroll saw and has been putting it into good use ever since. In our home, the Christmas tree is an assortment of many lovely things, but mainly it consists of unique snowflakes. Each year we go out and buy a new ornament (snowflake of course) and add it to our growing Christmas tree (this is our fourth Christmas together...wow, time flies!). This year however, we decided to have a handmade ornament added to our collection, which is great for our wallet and appeals to our interests. Yes, we love crafts. 

Using the scroll saw, my husband created a few handmade snowflakes. They are each uniquely detailed and beautiful, I must say. Using the spray paint and water technique we used on an earlier project, the ornaments are one of a kind. We gave a few of these to my parents as an early Christmas present and they loved them! They look great on their Christmas wreath. 


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