So, I am taking a little holiday over the Thanksgiving week. I am North bound where I will soon be surrounded by freezing temperatures and lots of snow. I don't mind, it only comes once a year. I will do my best to post while I am away, but you know how it is with family. You have to enjoy every minute while you're with them, so some things might have to wait. While I'm at it, I will share how grateful I am to all of you who are out there and find yourselves following my blog and reading about my little life adventures. It means a lot to have people feel moved and inspired by the things I find great joy in. I've always said this blog was originally a journal about the things that inspire me and move me toward my dreams, so that will never change. Even if I talk to myself everyday (which I know I have at least a handful of wonderful people that read the things I'm up to), it's still worth every post, project, craft, thrift find, discovery and ultimately an adventurous life.

 If you find yourself blog hopping and you stumble on on me and like what you see, here are just a couple things you could do! Don't worry, it just takes a couple minutes. 

::1:: Sign up with Blogger.com and click "Follow", which is located at the bottom of my page. This will allow me to see that you are there watching, reading, following, boggling and sharing in my crazy blog-life. You can also find me on facebook, which you will find a link at the bottom of my blog page as well, simply click! 

::2:: Once you sign up you have the pleasure to leave me comments on certain projects you're most interested in. You can make it short and sweet, long and informative or share what you've been up to. I also  would love to support you anyway I can, so feel free to leave me a link if you have a blog of your own!

Well, that's that. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone (my Canadian friends, disregard. I know you had yours a month ago). Again, thank you for your support and kindness......


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  1. Since this seems like a thankful Thanksgiving post kind of I would like to say something. I am thankful for having met my wonderful creative friend here! I'm so glad that you walked mistakingly into work! I've had so much fun getting to know you and you've inspired me to try new things and follow my passions. I hope that some day even when we don't work together anymore we will stay friends and craft buddies. Have a wonderful vacation my Canadian friend and don't freeze! We want you back :)