Pinup Wreath

I am slowly starting to put small projects together for Christmas. I came across a wonderful idea the other day and thought I would share it with all of you. I'm sure we all get tons of Christmas cards from friends and family, but where do you put them all? I use to display them on the shelf for all to see, but it took up so much room and didn't look so good with the rest of my home decor. I love the idea of a holiday-card wreath. You can decorate your wall or door with this super easy project! And once again, like most of my crafts, it's super cheap! 

::You'll need::

About 14-inch-diameter embroidery hoop
Christmas cards

::Here's how::

Clip clothespins and cards to embroidery hoop (you can use wood glue to secure clothespins to hoop, but it's not necessary)

Alternate clothespins to point both inward and outward and space them about 1 1/2 inches apart

Suspend from a ribbon and display you cards as you receive them!

Told ya, it's that easy! As you can see, I haven't collected too many cards as of yet, but I hope to have it full by Christmas! Hope you try this craft out, let me know if you find this helpful! 


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