Recycling Never Looked So Good

Woke up this Saturday morning at 6:30 am. Yes, a little early for a day I should be sleeping in. However, today is technically a work day for us these days. You got to be up and ready to go if you want to find the good stuff. We left the house in search of treasures; coffee in one hand and cash in the other. You never know what kind of hunting day it's going to be. It might be totally successful, mediocre, or a complete flop. Nonetheless, you go anyway because it's what we do and it's worth losing a few extra hours of sleep.  Yard sales are a gold mine to me. You dig through people's unwanted stuff and find the most incredible things sometimes. You almost want to convince them why they should hold on to these lovely treasures, but they are old or too tired to do much with them anyway. I feel really blessed to be that next generation that keeps old collectibles, antiques and vintage finds alive. Otherwise, all these amazing items would end up rotting in someone's backyard or in a junk yard somewhere. I love what we do. It brings me so much joy and satisfaction. Now if only I could do this 7 days a week as a real job! I love this quote taken from a really cool book I'm reading right now. It's right up my alley....

"Not everything old is junk or a treasure. Most of it is just plain old stuff, still lying around and completely useful. So instead of wasting money, packaging, time and energy, buy old". 

Here is just a couple things we found today on our excursion! I love the vintage vibe you get from the colors, textures and fabric. It was hard to pick which one to show off, since there is SO much to choose from. From 30s all the way to the 70s: Owl memorabilia, old match boxes, furniture pieces, an old clock, a 130 pound cash machine, and so so so much more! I do hope some of you can make it to the faire. You will see what I mean! 


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