Handmade cards with vintage lace

When I am thrifting or picking treasures, I am always on the look out for vintage lace. It's a beautiful touch for any project you might be working on. This little project, I am very excited to share with you! Have you ever looked at the prices of cards these days? I find them to be overpriced and a bit impersonal. I can't tell you how many times I have spent close to $5 for cards and have them lost, forgotten or thrown out soon after giving them away. So, it had me thinking. What if I could create a card with a little more flare and funk under $5, where it might be held on to for a little while at least? Hence, my little DIY project! 

First: Make a little trip to your nearest craft store! Can't complain about that, right?! Grab yourself some card stock paper with a good texture and color. If you are good at cutting out straight lines, use scissors. If not, you may have to invest in a paper trimmer. You will also need to invest in a single hole punch, which you will be using on your card. Last but not least, you will need a selection of lace (doesn't have to be vintage, old or antique) or some ribbon.

Second: Browse the internet for some fun pictures you can use to print on your card stock! There are tons of images to choose from that are totally free. If you like a certain theme, simply search for that image. It's up to you! Once you saved your images to your computer, place your card stock in the printer and print! *You may have to trim card stock paper down to regular size. 

Third: Cut your image out and hole punch the top left corner (or wherever you prefer).

Fourth: Cut a piece of your lace or ribbon and slide through the hole! 

Done! You've created your very own handmade card with love! It takes minutes and costs next to nothing. Not to mention, it's like no other! Hope this inspires you to think twice about going out and spending money on a generic card and maybe put a little bit more time and effort in a handmade one instead! You can always use recycled materials: cereal boxes (or other sturdy material), used lace and ribbon.  


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