Where one door closes, a few more open right up

So, I had to write a post and share my thoughts from the weekend at the Peddler's Faire.  Let's just say I have discovered something that makes me feel excited and truly loving what I do. Over the past few months my husband and I (also known as Vintage Peach) have been collecting items from various places. Things like antique pieces, retro and vintage items and handmade lovelies. We seemed to accumulate more than our little spare room could handle. Once we packed our small collection and set up our booth at the Kern Museum, every piece came alive! Don't worry, I took plenty of pictures to share with you, just another day! Although it took a lot of effort and team work, it was worth every drop of sweat, pulled muscle and stressful moment. We met some of the most interesting and wonderful people...people who of course, share the same passions and appreciations. Vintage Peach seemed to be a hit at the Faire, we had a  lot of vendors  pop by and tell us that people were ranting and raving about our little stall. We felt very blessed and pleased that people took a liking to us. We sold many items, some which were hard to let go. The craziest thing though, most of our dear friends took these much loved items home. So, I don't feel so sad anymore; I know they are in great and loving hands. I met an amazing lady who was set up across from our booth. She kept encouraging us to check out one of the local antique malls and set up a little shop there. One thing led to another and we are in the process of making Vintage Peach a permanent little shop! I cannot tell you how taking risks can be so rewarding at times. We had to really let go of all the what ifs and doubt...if we didn't, we would have never found the courage to participate in the Peddler's Faire, meet the wonderful people and contacts that we did and learn so much more about what it is we want to do successfully. What a blessed weekend! Thank you friends for coming out and supporting us! We are lucky to have you in our lives, cheering us on and being positively marvelous! If you want to see a few items we sold, check out my dear friend Kelly's blog! I'm so happy she took these wonderful items home! 


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