Enough already

So, I've been talking a lot about Vintage Peach the last few weeks. It's kind of been my primary state of mind in the creative realm. Today, however, I decided it's time to get on to other things! Of course, I haven't had the time to do fun projects and crafts...but my other little crafty friends sure have! I thought I would talk about some other blogs you might want to check out...I do what I can to help friends out when it comes to the blogging world. It's hard when you are just starting out. You feel like you've been talking to yourself more than anything. It can get discouraging to say the least. So, if I can help direct people their way, I will! 

I feel so blessed to have so many gifted friends! One of them is Paper Lilies & French Toast. I have known this girl for some time now! She has always captured my creative attention with the wonderful things she comes up with. Not only that, but she is the cutest French Canadian and I have always wanted to be in her shoes. If you browse her blog, you will find all sorts of cute stuff! I especially love her entry for the Spoonflower contest for wallpaper by only using scanned nature items! Gotta check it out! Here are some pictures of projects she has been working on...quilting anybody? 

Also, check out Life in the Fast Lane. Not only do I work with this gal, but we have shared many ideas regarding awesome crafts and projects! Just the other day, we had coffee and did a little embroidery hoop art. We might have even hit up the craft store soon after! She is full of great ideas and motivates me to try new things! She is such a sweetheart! Here are some of her projects...

Hope you enjoyed seeing some more crafty blogs! You can never have enough friends who share the same passions and hobbies! 



  1. Lidy you are absolutely too sweet. Thanks for the shout out! And by the way, you inspire me right back so I think we should stay friends! We make good craft buddies!

  2. Aw, anytime! Yes, we do make swell craft buddies! I did a post on felt, as you can see! Ever since our little breakfast/craft/shopping day I have been obsessing about all the things we can do! I'm still thinking we should make those flowers into super cute clips for your hair and jacket, like you said :) xoxo